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> My son tells me that you can burn mp3 files to an
> audio CD and any audio CD player should be able to
> play them.

Indeed. I do that pretty much all the time, and most of our party CDs are burnt
from MP3 files. The quality is not the best there is, but for most cases it's
largely enough.

  I haven't tried this yet, but I do know
> that my CD burner software has separate options for
> data or music tracks, so there is probably some way
> to make CDs out of your mp3s.

Indeed. Most CD burner software can convert MP3s to the format that CD players
recognise. But be careful, most programs are actually crappy at doing this. The
only program which until know managed to make audio Cds out of MP3s on my
computer is MP3 Doctor, which is a freeware. All the others I've tried never
worked, even the commercial product I already had installed on my computer :
((( .


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