Pavel Iosad wrote:
>Better 'Rwyt ti'n meddwl fy mod i'n dwp' - 'wyt' is used in questions,
>and unlike 'wi' is rarely found in affirmatives. And you forgot the
>lenition after 'yn' predicative.

Yep, that┤s definately better! But it's not really how it's spoken, not
here (Llandudno, North Wales) at least. If I'd been paying attention to
what I've been taught at school rather than what I speak at the pub I
probably would have written it so.

However, speaking of lenition after predicative "yn", it seems that this is
often left out in my local dialect at least. One hears "mae fo'n twp", not
"mae fo'n dwp". IMNSHO, this is because we don't lenite verb-nouns after
"yn", (e.g. "dan ni'n mynd", not "dan ni'n fynd") so it has spread to
adjectives. However, one always mutates when the word after "yn" is a noun:
"dach chi'n gythreuliaid".


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