Emaelivpeith Joe Fatula:
>somewhere between English "A is for apple" and Hebrew "aleph".  Perhaps like
>"alpha, bravo, charlie" is used.  They're not the actual _names_ of the
>characters, but they can be used unambiguously to refer to them.

I intend to be at a point in between even that.  The letters are to have
"nicknames" -- the names aren't _really_ the letters' names, but they're
seens as more than just the "alpha bravo charlie" scheme.

The first letter of the Asha'illen alphabet is _named_ "gih" but has a
nickname of "Gilek", which isn't a word but derives from |gileth| "alone".
(Gilek is lonely 'cause he's the first letter, all there by himself.  He
gets happier as the listing of the letters goes on, since he gets
companions.  :)

I do like the idea of alphabet-animal pairings, though... maybe I'll do
that in addition to the personal letter names, and thus Gilek the gileth
gih is a gishalel.  (What's a gishalel?  Dunno, but it sounds nice.
Antelope-like.  Needs spindly legs, at the very least. :)