In Chinese (sans tone-marks)

Ni ji sui. (you how-few years-old)

Wo sanshier sui. (I 32 years-old)



 Rachel Klippenstein <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


I'm trying to figure out how age is expressed in
Ikanirae Seru, and I'm interested in knowing how other
languages do it.

The English expression "I am X (years old)" somehow
seems rather illogical to me.

I also thought of "I have X years"
and "I am of X years",
but neither seems quite right.

My current favourite is to have special verb (let's
call it "BYEO" - I'm not sure exactly what it'd be)
that means "am years old", so the expression would be
"I BYEO X". That would be a nice short way to express
the important issue of age, which I suspect would be
especially important to the inventors of Ikanirae
Seru, since they are kids.


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