--- Tristan wrote:
> t'Fri, 28 Mar 2003 "H. S. Teoh" bsaidsiem:
> > - uncles and aunts who are cousins of your parents
> (as opposed to
> >   siblings) are called by different terms as well.
> Since when have they counted as aunts and uncles?
> Aren't they cousins?
> (I've never understood what things like 'second
> cousin three times
> removed' means, though.) Or do they count as a
> subset of aunts and
> uncles in Chinese, hence that grouping?
> Tristan                  <[log in to unmask]>

In the "Xth cousin Y times removed" terminology, your
parents' cousins are your first cousins once removed
(they're your parents' (first) cousins, and that is
the last generation you can look at where they are of
the same generation.  You are one generation
different, which is where the "once removed" comes in.
 The relation goes both ways, so you are also their
first cousin once removed.  I don't know if I
explained this understandably, though.).  But I think
most people don't know this terminology.  It's one
thing I learnt from the Lord of the RIngs (thanks to
the Hobbits' great concern for genealogy)

But in my family, we always called such relatives
"cousin-aunts" and "cousin-uncles" - and referred to
them as Aunt/Uncle so-and-so.  And we, naturally were
their cousin-nieces and cousin-nephews.


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