Let's see.  I've met two of you guys IRL.  Sylvia Sotomayor who I met when she was visiting Dallas.  We spent an afternoon at the zoo looking for lemurs and put together a fun little sketch called Seldm, which had syllabic nasals and counted in base prime, over dinner.  And I met the creator of Thhtma(sp?) in West Hollywood when I was visiting Long Beach.  We ate Thai and I showed him some disorganized notes on Graavgaaln.  He gave me a sheet on an alphabet with distintly Amharic influences.  Of course I also met Marc Okrand at a Klingon confrence.  He's really cool.  Signed all my Klingon dictionaries.


Adam who wishes there were conlangers in Taiwan

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Subject: Re: Conlang-to-body-shape connections

> Christophe, Rob, and Maarten are the only conlangers I have ever seen
> (and whom I hope to see alive tomorrow :) ), but for the rest, I don't
have a
> clue what you folks look like. Sometimes I find that slightly frustrating.

I have _never_ met another conlanger in person. Ever. Sometimes I find
that slightly frustrating.