On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 09:41:57PM +0100, Andreas Johansson wrote:
> I'm afraid I'm unable to extract much amusing info from the data I got
> on peoples heights, weights and conlang preferences. This is, presumably
> mostly due to the low number of respondents and the disparate
> descriptions of their conlang preferences; the theory can't possibly be
> wrong!
> Big people apparently tend to stick accusative languages, with shorter and
> thinner ones being more in favour of active ones and similar odd stuff. And
> VSO is unreasonably popular.
> The short-people-are-more-prone-to-bounce theory seems to hold water.

I am 6'4" (that's about 2m I think, I can never figure that part out), and
about 160lb (sorry, no idea how many kg that is), which is way underweight
for my height. As far as preferences go... you might say I go for the
radically different. Not only is Ebisedian non-accusative, it defies all
existing classification by not operating based on the S, A, P noun
function model. Word order is free; so far the only tendency that has
arisen is that verbs don't like being final.

I've threatened to add trigger marking to Ebisedian, and probably will do
so in a daughter lang. >:-)

As far as word order in general, though... I really prefer good ole SVO
over everything else.

> PS: FYI, I'm ~1.87, weighs ~68kg, tends to accusative languages, and prefer
> SVO or SOV syntax. I've got a tendency to leap over things rather than walking
> around them, but do not otherwise consider myself particularly bouncy.

IRL, I am very calm, and very reserved. Although people have trouble
catching up with me when I walk fast, my normal pace is actually slower
than in general.  If you saw me IRL, you probably won't believe I was the
one who created something so bizarre as Ebisedian. :-)


Your inconsistency is the only consistent thing about you! -- KD