On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 06:50:31AM -0500, J Y S Czhang wrote:
>  en mem0 2003:03:25 10:38:45 g0zen, h s [log in to unmask] graeffii:
> >The word _g0miileg0_ just looks SO temptingly like Ebisedian. ;-)
>     I did say "one of many ConLangs that inspired me" ... Ebisedian is up
> there way above Klingon ::BiG GRiNNie FoR TeoHie::
>     I gots ta give credit where due, ya know...

I'm flattered. :-)

> >> = ! gw3rra leg0set kaka! ! riis3rva, saIlva, riikuu, sk0pa-g0mii aen
> >> riizijkl0! =
> >> (Fight Linguistic Waste! Save, Salvage, Recover, Scavenge and Recycle!)
> >
> >Seriously, g0miileg0 really looks and feels like Ebisedian.
> Really? "Feels" like 0_o? How so? Is not Ebisedian alien and not Terran?

Ebisedian is basically spoken by human beings living in a very foreign
universe. Their existence within that universe dictates certain
differences from earthlings, but they're fundamentally human inside.


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