Danny's peoples: the Elves and the Trolls.

The Techians, or "hidden ones", of my conworld are called "elves" in the
same way Inuit are called Eskimos. The term is innacurate and even
pejorative. The Techians were originally angels who fell from heaven because
they refused to worship Adam and Eve, the mythical parents of the human race
(homo sapiens). They roamed the earth, taking forms of men and beasts
(possibly the snake in Eden), in order to tempt humans. When the oceans rose
and climate changed from the end of the Ice Age (the story of Noah and the
Flood comes from here), the Trolls (Neanderthals basically) perished, but
some humans remained. In the Near East, this was the "family" of Noah, who
escaped to Ararat and migrated southeast to what is known as Sumer and
Babylon. Unlike in the Biblical story, the men and Techians were given a
chance to save themselves, and those that did became the Noachians, who
spoke a proto-language, most likely Nostratic, or some ancestor of the
different language families of the greater region: Indo-European,
Afro-Asiatic, Sumerian, Caucasian (or at least Kartvelian), Elamo-Dravidian
and others. Those among the fallen ones who did not repent perished and were
sent to Hades, becoming demons.

The cost of survival for the Techians: they would become mortal (yet still
have long life, on average about 800 years), and they would be fairer
physically, yet superior in agility, intellect and beauty. They would also
become nomadic, living in mountains and forests away from major
civilization. They originated from Mount Ararat, but spread throughout the
globe in different groups. Yet they maintained the Tech language, a
tribal/clannic system and a parliamentary government, and their rich
cultural heritage. Some retained their original faith -- pantheistic and
naturalistic -- while most converted to human religions, providing a rich
mystical and philosophical tradition to each. Most are good in nature,
though sometimes mischievous, but some have turned to evil, desiring to
conquer the earth, which they failed to do during the age of Adam.

They are very similar to both the Elves of Middle Earth and the Vulcans and
Romulans of Star Trek. They do have pointed ears, but that's because I had
cats and dogs with erect ears in mind. They are also stoic and wise like the
Klingons and Elves.

The Trolls, on the other hand, were revived by genetic engineering in the
early 21st century. The result were large, hairy humanoids with inferior
intelligence and pig-like noses. Instead of oppressing humans as they did
before the flood, they became the slaves and grunt soldiers of humanity.
Those who escaped or were driven out of their homes set up colonies in
remote places on the planet, including peninsular Antarctica.

The LANKA language, spoken by the Trolls, is like lingua franca, creole, or
pidgin, based mostly on Germanic and Latin-Romance languages. The language
is constructed piecemeal from human languages, with a simplified phonology
(as few as ten consonants and vowels!) and a basic, uninflected grammar.

That's the basic setting of the humanoids of my conworld, and I only have
two (so far). Everything is subject to change. I'll have this on my homepage
soon... depending on health, etc.