Danny Weir wrote:
> > Whoops! Forgot the link:

> It has Kabardian, Chechen and Avar broadcasts now!!

So is Kabardian the same thing as Circassian? I love the name "Circassian",
but for some reason it always makes me think of the Cardassians from Star
Trek. :)

I met a Circassian woman once, in a shop in Turkey, when I was there on
holiday in 1990. All I remember about her was that she had really stunning,
incredible blue eyes and that she made it explicitly clear that she was
Circassian and not Turkish. I couldn't get her to speak any Circassian to
me, though. She might not have known the language, I suppose; she was
probably in her 20's, and I don't know how many people of her/my/our
generation speak the language. I did get a one-armed Kurdish carpet salesman
to recite a poem in Kurdish for me, though, which was pretty cool. Kurdish
is a great language. I love all those /xw/'s.