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> > Or keeping in mind a particular person currently being placeholder for
> various
> > vested interests, "Manifest Density".  He's the sort of person who'd save
> his
> > life by dying.
> Presidents in some countries are basically that already, figureheads who
> only protect the "military-industrial-religious-media" complex in the
> nation. It's all related to "shadow governments" and that sorta thing. My
> conworld consists of several superstates, based on commonwealths mostly
> based on common language (one of the "Big Six" languages in other words),
> and in one case, religion: an Islamic Confederacy also known as WAHID.
> So there's an Anglosphere (the American-British Empire), a Hispanosphere, a
> Russosphere (former USSR), an Arabosphere (the core of WAHID), and of
> course China and India, already megastates united by law under one
> language, Mandarin and Hindi-Urdu respectively.
> [I wrote:]
> > > Harrowing? I like that... my work is pretty seedy myself. A big part of
> the
> > > story is how a failing college student and peeping tom starts a
> religious
> > > cult in Texas and wins some powerful friends (and horny women), adopts
> > > a theocratic-fascist agenda and takes over the Western Hemisphere.
> >
> > Only in Texas ... ;)
> Exactly. I've lived here my whole life. In my conworld, Dallas-Fort
> Worth-Austin-San Antonio-Houston become a trianglular megalopolis (EXTREME
> urban sprawl), and in the middle, a new capital which functions as a type
> of conservative/fundamentalist Protestant Vatican.
> The pervert loser "gets religion"; years later he's the Texas Ayatollah.

They say you can't get better than what Mum/Mom/whatever cooks.  Of course,
for "pervert loser" you can crib an awful lot from above-mentioned character,
without even trying.  His two daughters aren't that bad looking, but you have
to wonder about their intelligence, sanity, whatever ... and that could be an
extra level in the "perversion" thing.

Maybe I should reactivate some of my own dribblings on alternative histories
... ;)

Wesley Parish

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Maku e ki, "He tangata, he tangata, he tangata."
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