Andreas Johansson wrote:

> You've not told Jessica of Tairezazh, have you? Tairezazh also forms plural
> pronouns by adding -n to the corresponding singular ones. _Sen_, incidentially,
> means "he/she/it" in Tairezazh, one of the 3rd pl forms is _senen_.

Nope, I haven't said a word about Tairezazh. (Sorry? :) I guess
this is a case of acadew (another conlang already did it except
worse. :) Okay, not quite, but it *was* a bit funny, wasn't it? ;)

> What's this basic form used for? Your translation suggests en infinitive?

Yes, I think this is simply the infinitive. Jessica had written "grundform", which I translated into "basic form", but as you say,
it sure looks like an infinitive.

> Here an object stands immediately before the verb - above you speak of the
> possibility to have an explicit subject in preverbal position for emphasis. How
> do you tell these constructions apart?

The explicit subject in preverbal position was just an extrapolition from the material I got from Jessi. This
word order isn't set yet. The Koni grammar is currently going through a major rehaul. :) Remember that everything
written on Koni was made by her in highschool and before
that in mellanstadiet (i.e. age 10-12), which obiously was
prior to her taking Linguistics and Spanish at uni.

> [Threatening noise as an angry mob demands clarification of syntax and burns
> effigies of Chomsky]

Will you beasts never get enough? Help! Help! Won't somebody
help us!? Heeeelp! :D

Daniel Andreasson