>Rachel Klippenstein wrote:
>>  I'm trying to figure out how age is expressed in
>>  Ikanirae Seru, and I'm interested in knowing how other
>  > languages do it.

In Géarthnuns, the structure is "I am in the Xth year." Eg:

Sí la che sömöthsev toumnö ngarethfíthev mal.
/si la tSe sY"mYTsEv 'taU"mnY 'NarET"fiTEv mal/

sí - I/nom.
la - present auxiliary
che - the
sömöthsev - year/locative, singular
toumnö - thirty
ngarethfíthev - ninth/locative, singular
mal - be at/in

Although, egads, I'll be coasting into "sebutmnö" (/'sEbut"mnY/)(40)
in just two short weeks. Okay, now I've already got the red
convertible, I've got the leather bomber jacket, I already highlight
my hair to hide the gray, I'm losing weight (so I should be a piece
of ass in about six months), and I'm listening to Euro-technopop on
Sveriges Radio Seven. Am I missing any other juvenile symptoms of
male menopause? Trophy wife (that ain't happenin')? Gold chains?
(well, I do have a pinky ring) A speedo? (God, if it ever comes to
that, just take me out back and shoot me -- "Here, Dougy-Dougy, go
fetch the stick, go fetch the stick!" BANG!).