23th March, 2003


This is a public notice for the publication of Fyksland Headline News
Weekly, English Editions 200247 to 200312. The online version can be viewed
at: to

The Fyksland Headline News Weekly publication is a compact collection of
news headlines appeared in Staandæt Poste, a national daily newspaper.
Originally published in Fyksian, this condensed edition is available in
English to provide news briefs to readers from around the world. Staandæt
Poste is an independent news agency and is in no way affiliated with the
Government of Fyksland.

Staandæt Poste -- formerly Vaijskä Poste -- has been providing news on the
Government of Fyksland web site dating back to 17th June, 2001. Archived
issues are available at:

Through its outlets on the Internet, this weekly media advisory reaches a
potential audience of at least 1,100 readers every week. Individual
requests to subscribe this media advisory may be sent to [log in to unmask]


As the Royal Bureau of Information continues to strive for excellence to
inform and educate, questions and comments can be sent to the Director of
Public Relations:

Kilean Väsir
Director of Public Relations (International Marketing)
Royal Bureau of Information
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Ministry of Public Works and Services
Sørvisaal im Vörvørkig / In Business to Serve
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