On Saturday 22 March 2003 10:40 pm, Nik Taylor wrote:
> Elyse Grasso wrote:
> > If the people on the planet were willing/able to come off the
> > they wouldn't need to contract with someone else to build and run
> > station, so they could keep all the profits for themselves.
> So, the people on the planet have the worse end of the bargain?
The planetdwellers get access to interstellar trade they wouldn't
otherwise have (at least not at this scale), and payments for the use
of the land the station is tethered to, and for planetary materials and
services that get used. And half the voting shares for Cherani Station
run through their stockmarkets, not the Shayanan ones, so half the
station profits will go into their economy. (There haven't been a lot
of profits yet... the station's been under construction for about 15
years and has been covering its current expenses for about 5, but there
are still a lot of construction bonds from the initial phases being
paid off.) And the planetdwellers don't need to deal directly with
raiders out of Imperial space.

So far they don't seem to think they have the worse side of the bargain.

> P.S., are you on conculture?

I've been lurking for a week or so, which is a bit like coming into a
movie in the middle: there were a lot of postings about flags, followed
by some political stuff. Is there a FAQ somewhere?

I'll eventually introduce myself, with a summary of some of the data
from the Cherani website provided I can pull it into more coherent

Elyse Grasso