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> Really? My father, a lefty,* uses \ rather than / and his writing is
> slanted \-wardly, rather than /-wardly.

That's possible if he manages to keep his hand under his line of writing. But I
personally write with my hand above or on the line of writing (which explains
why I'd be better of writing right-to-left: I won't pass on my own handwriting
with my hand and thus won't dirty anything ;)) ).

> *I think I've worked out where *some*, but not all, of my left-handed
> habits come from. Some aspects of my eating with cutlery and
> cup-holding
> are the same as Dads. I may also open doors with my lefleft hand
> because
> of him, but I think it's because the principal of my primary school
> was
> left-handed and so a number of doors and were best opened with your
> left
> hand :) (This doesn't explain, though, why I carry bags like a lefty
> (or
> so I've been assured I do), or hit the spacebar with my left thumb
> when
> typing, which is apparently a left-handed trait. And there's probably
> more
> too. *So* many people think I'm left-handed that it's not funny :(

Well, there is the distinct possibility that you *are* in fact left-handed. As
for why you would be writing with your right hand, it may have various reasons
(and doesn't necessarily have to do with your teacher terrorizing you into
writing with your right hand, like we had in France until recently. Luckily I
never suffered from that). You may have taken someone as example when you began
to learn how to write, and copied everything, including the hand you used for
the pen. Lateralisation is a continuum. I know that I am left-handed, and
behave consistently this way, except that I handle cutlery like right-handed
people. I suppose this has to do with the fact that my parents always prepared
the table with the fork on the left and the knife on the right, and I just
copied on them about the use of the tools. My sister, on the other hand, is
right-handed for about everything, except that she writes with her left hand! I
suspect that I'm partly responsible for that ;)) : she must have watched me
writing a lot and decided that the normal way to write was with your left
hand :)) .

There is a definite test of lateralisation, which happens to be available only
to males ;))))) . I think you can guess yourself what I mean ;))) . It is
usually correct in 95% of the cases :))) .


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