On Sun, 30 Mar 2003, Peter Clark wrote:

> On Sunday 30 March 2003 06:11 am, Tristan wrote:
> > Peter Clark wrote:
> > >laevuslevuslithuanophobia
> >
> > Where exactly does the Lithuanian bit come into it? Have we ever had any
> > Lithuanians here?
>         No, no, no. It's not Lithuanians that matter (after all, Steg has a
> Lithuanian background, and he's a mighty fine chap), but *left-handed*
> Lithuanians, only the most vile and pernicious evil to stalk the face of the
> earth. Where have you been? It's all in the news, don't you know?

I stuck my head in the ground when the media decided all they cared about
was the war in Iraq. But I mean more generally in teh case of the typical
conlanger being left-handed, gay, bearded and lithuanian.

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War doesn't prove who's right, just who's left.
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