On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 07:32:09AM -0600, Paul Burgess wrote:
> And in Hermetic the article "mna" also sometimes
> precedes the verb, under a complicated idiomatic tangle
> of conditions. It also appears free-floating preceding a
> postposition in certain jury-rigged, informal
> subordinate-clause constructions.

Hey, now *that* is a very intriguing idea! Articled verbs... pity
Ebisedian has no articles.

Nevertheless, you've just inspired me to permit prepositions like _okro'_
and _omo'_ ("more" and "less" respectively) to modify verbs as well as
nouns. So something like _okro' ta'ma_ would mean "speak more", "tell us
more";  whereas _omo' ta'ma_ would mean "please just get to your point and
get it over with already".

Now I've to go and update my reference grammar. :-)


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