* Sarah Marie Parker-Allen said on 2003-03-30 10:30:08 +0200
> I spoke to the person who first dubbed me "Sarah Double Prime" a while back,
> and indicated to her the concern raised on this list about the correctness
> of this title.  She reminded me that she was a math major and sent me this
> link... (apparently I'm a derivative Sarah ^_^)

Mathworld probably prevented me from flunking number theory last fall...
a great resource.

> To keep this slightly on topic, has anyone here been brave enough to come up
> with new mathemtical terminology and models for their conlang?

Yes, but I'm not brave enough to show it to anyone :) at least until I
have native words for the native concepts. Anyone looked much at poly-
valent logic?

See: (trivalent logic in Aymara?)

I am (of course) aiming for a, hmm, pentavalent? logic. Fuzzy logic
is also quite interesting.