Christopher Wright  <[log in to unmask]> 2003.03.30. 09:21:50 -5h-kor írta:

> I thought it would be nice to start it up again[1], so here is the new
> Weekly Vocab. I will neither flag nor fail, even though there be no
> responses for months! Mulahahahaha!!!!!
> [1] At least, I've seen neither hide, hair, nor tail of it in the past
> month or so.
> So, with no further ado, I leave you the vocab.
> 1. to think
> I think about many things.
tintí- (from tinte "thought" literally [what is] in the head)
Tinti·e uwe·mbili·u·q.
think·1s many·thing·PL·DAT

> 2. to plan
> I plan to go to town today.
Nomyay·i yi·e hut·a·d·wo e-qe·ré·d.
plan·1s go·INF city·A·LOC·to A-this·day·LOC

> 3. road
> I will go by the low road.
gúa or gua
Yi·y·ud gúa·d irwenya.
go.1s.F road.LOC low

> 4. cloak / coat / culturally acceptable heavy outer garment
> I took my warmest cloak.
Cats don't have a cloak. But men's one could be
Umendahtagit "warmer weave"
Gwi·e·de umendahtagit·a·rye·nna u·mendaya rúwa·rye·d.
Take.1s.PP coat.A.1s-gen.ACC SUP.warm body.1s-gen.LOC

> 5. to stumble
> I stumbled on the road.
lanzikiza- "fall on the ground"
Lanzikizaide gúadwo.

-- Mau Rauser