yes, i know, i'm veeery far behind...

> 1. to think
narethanaal has three different words meaning "to think":
denka: to think (but not know)
thare _____ [possessive pronoun of your choice] dedenka: to think
(opinion)[this is a construction meaning that "_____" whatever
"_____" is (the opinion) owns whomever's thought... it gets really
complicated if the possessive pronoun is anything other than "my"
because those possessives are formed using "thare" as well]
finally, there is the word i would use to translate the sentence
rain: to think/to ponder

> I think about many things.
mefora gobera preend muetos rain myo...
some-pl things about constant think i

> 2. to plan
thiwe: to plan/intend

> I plan to go to town today.
hethirkokola sef nehkokotahekide ofrest frent thiwe klatura imso
town* this day** to(directional) present plan future go i
*lit: place of livings
**lit: not having night

> 3. road
avosae: path(physical)

> I will go by the low road.
to savit avosae fonif klatura imso myo...
the low path by/through future go I

> 4. cloak / coat / culturally acceptable heavy outer garment

kramer: blanket (blanket is the main meaning, but it could be used to
mean cloak)
kozen: jacket

> I took my warmest cloak.
dkai soros gratmenai kramer froge sodekai myo...
my most warm* cloak past take I
*lit: less hot

> 5. to stumble
tolst: to stumble

> I stumbled on the road.
to avosae fonif froge tolst myo...
the path by/through past stumble i

> 6. wind
tuluka: wind

> The wind was fierce.
ninikir tanaden froge uure to tuluka...
strength with past blow the wind

> 7. to snap
i'm not sure how i want to handle this so i'm going to skip it for

> 8. to freeze
idorep: frozen (if you wanted to use it as a verb you'd have to say
something like "the popsicle became more frozen")

> My ears are freezing.
dkai lijevevelona frent yest idorep myo...
my ears* present be frozen i
*lit: brain tunnel (eyes are the window to the soul and ears are the
tunnel to the brain.. <defenseively>it makes sense</defensively>

> 9. ice
idorep sule: frozen water

> I think they have become ice.
thare idorep sule froge frent nethem sokraa dkai dedenka...
possessive ice past present become they my thought

> 10. inn
hethiryeyeledo:hotel/inn (place of staying/remaining[temporarily])

> I arrive at the inn half-dead.
to hethiryeyeledo thesat frent lendas hemi tarat myo...
the inn by(in the vicinity of) present arrive part dead i

i'm done. finally!
war is evil. welcome to the axis.

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