Well it certainly is strange but if you want just outright homely-faced u-gly you gotta see the statue of lady liberty that sits atop the Texas state capitol building up close.  I went to Austin when they had her ugliness down for restoration.  Never in your life have you seen such nostrils!  And her FEET!  All I could think of was that song my sister learned in 2nd grade, "Hagdaleena Magdaleena" -- "She ha two feet as flat a bathroom mats.  I don't know how they got like that. . . ."




 Pavel Iosad <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


> > > Here in Zaandam, only three minutes frommy place, we
> > > have a huge statue of Peter I, who spent some time here and took
> > > home a lot of knowledge, vocabulary, and Dutch workers...
> >
> > How huge is it, by the way? :-) Most Dutch descriptions of Peter den
> > Store I've read portray him as gigantic. I wonder if this has been
> > reflected in the statue :-)
> Hmm, a rough guess: 4-5 meters.

Which means a 2-2,5 exxageration. Not bad :-)

> > But I don't think it's larger than the awful one we have
> here stuck in
> > the middle of Moskva river. :-(
> No, ours is definitely not awful. It's quite nice actually
> (and the text on it is in Russian!)

You're lucky then.

Here's a general view of ours:

You should really see the monster's face, but I can't find a photo right
now :-( You're lucky ;-)

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