Name: Tristan Alexander McLeay /tSr\Ist@n &lIgz&:nd@ m@kl&i/
City, Country: Melbourne, Australia /m&lb@n, @stSr&ij@~@stSr&ilj@/
DOB: 25 July 1984
Profession: none yet :) (studying a bachelor of Cognitive Science/B. of
Computer Science double degree at La Trobe Uni)
Conlangs: Etabnanni /ra:_Lm&_Ln/, Pidse /wID@/, various sketchlangs
Links: webpage stuffed at the moment
Other Interests: linguistics, obviously; computers (hacking[1],
philosophy[2]/history of, and suchlike); AI; SF; anything tangential to
the topic at hand[3] (no great knowledge of anything, though)

[1]: In a sense other than the media's one.

[2]: Not like the GNU folk are, more how things should and shouldn't be
done, stuff that actually affects the user (=of the program, which might
be a compiler).

[3]: Which means Maths is one of my favorite subjects because they've
got a part of each lecture dedicated to the history of maths, which is
tangential to the topic :)