--- Sally Caves skrzypszy:

> (So who's enlisted the profiles?)

That was me. The original idea was to create a special website with pictures
and some personal info about members of the Conlang list. All this in order to
give a human face to the people we spend so much time with.
I made a draft for a short survey, and people sort of automatically started to
fill it in. Somewhere during the process, Peter Clark came up with the idea for
some sort of database, where everyone can maintain his own information.

 --- John Cowan skrzypszy:

> > who wonders if these data are somehow accumulated...
> Well, if nothing else they can be scraped from the One True Archive at
> .

That won't be necessary. I have been collecting all profiles, and if the
database idea is not going to work after all, the website will be ready of

 --- Christophe Grandsire skrzypszy:

> Are you saying that I've been collecting all this information for nothing?!!!
> Sorry I couldn't reply before, Yitzik and everyone who asked, but I have been
> keeping all the profiles that have been sent to the list until now, and I
> sincerely hope there'll be a way to use them.

As I said, I have all the profiles too, and a website can be created  la
minute. But let's just wait a bit. I don't have any pictures yet (what the
whole thing was all about, originally), but if Peter's database idea won't work
after all, I will start collecting them.
In other words: either in the form of a database, or in the form of a website,
the idea is going to be realised!


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