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> Unfortunately I doubt the possibility of CONLANG-L e-mail verification
> (unless there happens to be a place listing all list members). Perhaps
> there's the need for a certain password or key-phrase? Perhaps even
> required conlang trivia at sign up? Or of course... the required
> conlang
> field! Still non-listmembers would be able to sign up, but
> non-conlangers
> would be totally lost! ;)

They would make something up. No, there *is* a way to receive the list of
members of the list, by sending "review CONLANG" at [log in to unmask]
(in the body of the message, and with no title). I didn't check it myself, but
if it doesn't work I think John could make it work with his Strange Powers.
Now, the list changes probably everyday, but it should be possible with good
programming to get the database to receive such a list and to refresh it for
instance everyday. Since the list would be used only at the moment of the
subscription itself, I don't think it would be that heavy.


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