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> IIRC, in Esperanto "It rained" is "Pluvis" with no subject and no
> other
> argument.

But IIRC "pluvi" *can* take arguments, if only objects, like English "to rain"
or French "pleuvoir". The fact that it normally is used without arguments is
irrelevant. Herman was referring to the fact that in Lindiga the verb "to rain"
(can't remember the form) *cannot* take any argument, whether you want to add
one or not.

> I've toyed with the idea of having nouns like "group" take an "object"
> in my
> conlang.  After all, you can't have a group unless it's a group of
> _something_.  (The object would be obligatory unless you marked "group"
> with
> a suffix analogous to the one that makes a transitive verb into an
> intransitive verb.)

Mmm... interesting. Maybe I should add that feature in Maggel...


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