Jessica Hus?n scripsit:

> My name is Jessica, I'm 21 years old. I live
> in H )Bässelby, a suburb of Stockholm, with my parents
> and my sister and brother.

Welcome to the conlang list, and when we invent the 48-hour day and can all
work on our conlangs full time and have a life full time, you will be among
the first to know about it!

> I'm now done with the ortography, and I have som verb
> morphology (I think you've seen some of it, since Daniel
> has sent mails about Kon )Bí to this list). And now I seem to
> be stuck again, or maybe it's just that I've had a lot to do
> lately and not have had the time.

It's often useful to get the juices flowing by posting whatever you have,
however incomplete or tentative.  We are very admiring of other peoples'
conlangs here and promise not to be bored.

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