From: "Jessica Husén" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Introduction

> I speak fluent Swedish (of course),  English quite well and
> Spanish (wich I'm currently studying at the University of
> Stockholm, and have been studying in the högstadium and
> in Highschool, that is for about six years in total) also quite
> well.

Knowing English as well as you do, have you ever considered what someone who
doesn't speak Swedish would think of "högstadium"?  Obviously you've been
studying in a big arena filled with noisy pigs.  Quite an impressive feat, I
must say.

Though from what I recall of German in high school, I think I know what it

Como esta tu espanol?  No he lo estudiado en la escuela, pero trate hablar
con personas aqui quien lo abla.  Siempre estoy buscando oportunidades para
practicar.  (Y perdoname, porque no se donde los acentos van...)