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> I like having a contrast between voiced stops and voiceless in between
> vowels, but that leaves me with having to have geminate stops, which
> should
> be impossible, since coda [p, t, k] is not possible.   This would leave
> me
> with the possibility of positing a geminate phoneme, which would leave
> me
> with something to do with it in initial position.   I'm not sure how
> to
> resolve this.   Any ideas?

Well, you could very well leave them geminate in initial position, since it
seems all your other stops don't change in initial position (and I find initial
geminates neat :))) ). Or you could have them turn into aspirates or simple
stops, which if you have prefixation would create interesting phenomena. For
instance, if you take that initial geminates simplify to simple stops, you
would have words beginning with [p] where it can be an underlying /p/ or /pp/.
And this would show if you have prefixation (let's with a- for instance), as in
the first case the [p] would change into [b], while in the other it wouldn't
change at all :)) . So actually your geminates would never appear, but would be
posited as a way to explain why some [p]s voice between vowels and why some
don't :) .


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