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> Spanish is curious in this respect--

French behaves identically to Spanish:

> Tengo/tienes/tiene frio 'I'm/ you're/he's cold' (*estar/hacer)

J'ai/tu as/il a froid.

> Hace frío 'It (the weather) is cold' (*tiene/está)

Il fait froid.

> (La sopa) está fría '(The soup) is cold' (*tiene/hace)

La soupe est froide.

I always found the English treatment the odd one. After all, me being cold is
quite a different thing from a soup being cold (in the first case, it's
*experiencing* coldness from outside, not really *being* cold. Because if
you're really cold then there's a big problem, unless you have asked to be
frozen ;))) ), and ought to be treated differently :)) .


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