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> We managed to find wobbegongs and weedy seadragons; giant cuttlefish, a
> fiddler ray; schools of juvenile flutemouths, long toms, nudibranchs, the
> friendly eastern blue grouper that always comes up and demands to be
> patted,
> schools of squid, sea pike, wrasse and leatherjackets and - on Thursday -
> at
> least two black whaler sharks zipping around in the shallows; the first
> time
> that I've seen that shark in these waters.  Did I have a camera with me?
> No!!! :-)))
> Hello my friend. You made my mouth water with the dive that you had. I hope
to be able to get over there and make a dive with you and then go on out to
see Viv sometime.

We (Viv, Sylvia and myself)are going to Fiji, in June, to meet up with some
of the folks from the States for a week's diving and - a little later in the
year - I'm hoping to get up to Cairns to do a back-to-back liveaboard trip
on  the old TAKA II, (the last trip that that vessel will be making) and the
first on the brand new TAKA, that should be coming into service around about

Two liveaboard trips in a year!!!  I remember when I used to do that. (sigh)

I certainly hope so.  I've never gotten over that first night dive we did in
Cozumel and the number of critters that you managed to find and that I
otherwise wouldn't have seen. :-)

Oh sure you would have. I look forward to returning the favor in your waters.
I'd love to see a weedy seadragon and I'd love to see a giant cuttlefish. (As
you know we don't have those in these waters)

And so as not to waste an opportunity Over the last year,
I've been involved in putting together an on-line diving magazine..  It's
commercial free and it's at:
with the back issues still available through the archives.  It's fun to do -
and it keeps me off the streets and out of the pubs!  :-)

Yes, I'm familiar with the publication and I have read it when I know that it
comes out. Is the a mailing list that I can subscribe to to make sure I know
when it comes out?

Strike, again my friend its been a pleasure as always.

Till we can blow bubbles again.