Joe scripsit:

> You know, in the UK, 'theatre', unqualified, refers solely to places where
> plays are performed.

This is true here, too, at least unless the context is unmistakable ("Matrix 2 opens
today in 15,000 theaters", say).  Of course "theater" has other meanings, like
"theater of war".  Movies (only film critics call them films) are shown in
movie theaters.

As for the spelling, "theatre" is used in the names of playhouses for reasons of
pretentiousness, and therefore gets used by people in the theater business, or the
theatre business, as the case may be.  The other uses are always "theater" here.

> 'Cinema' is the normal term for film places.

This would be a fairly arty term for the whole movie-making enterprise,
as in "German cinema is in fairly bad shape these days."

(All examples guaranteed non-factual.)

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