Tristan McLeay scripsit:

> Which does nothing but demand the joke about the Texan being showed a
> station [~=AmE ranch] in Australia.

[joke snipped]

Another Texan was visiting Israel, and was talking about how huge is
ranch was:  "Why, I can get in my car and drive in a straight line all
day and all night and never leave my own land."  The Israeli farmer nods
sagely and says "Yes, I also once had a car like that."

But then there's the Israeli astronautical program, which sets the
ambitious objective of landing a man on the sun.  The heat, the radiation?
No problem.  They will of course go at night.

These jokes prove something about cultural relativity, but I'm not
sure what.  As for the rabbits in Texas, they may not be kangaroos, but
they do have respectably large ears!  (My own home state of New Jersey
is better known for its mosquitoes -- why, a good many of them weigh a
pound [2.2 kg], and they sit on tree leaves and bark when people go by.)

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