Talk of useful phrases and shopping has affected me. I'm getting it in
Spanish class and on the list.

1. real
This is not real silk.

2. skirt
I'd like to try on that skirt. (No, I'm not a transvestite.)

3. to need
I need to find a present for my sister.

4. stair
The shop is up the stairs and on the left.

5. upper
They don't sell much in an upper room, but it must be cheap to rent.

6. to approve
I don't approve of that style of clothing. It's immodest.

7. jewelry
I would like to go shopping for jewelry now.

8. golden
That is a lovely golden torc. Do you have it in a larger size?

9. color
I love the color of gold.

10. expensive
I can't buy that; it is far too expensive.