This one I'm not sure is correct in Dutch ;)))) .

Hi everyone! Yes, I'm finally officially back (having finally finished
reading all the posts from all the lists I'm subscribed to) and am gonna
begin to catch up with everyone ;)) .

Thanks for everyone who wished me a nice week. Indeed, I spent a very nice
week with my parents (although a tiring one :)) ), but I'm also glad it's
finished (cooking for four adults, with one who has special requirements
due to his diabetes, for one week, is an experience I advise to no one ;))) ).

As for Jan, he is unfortunately not getting better :((( . So I will only
slowly catch up with you all. Right now he is my prioritary concern...

Anyway, glad to be back. While I have some time, I'm gonna catch up a
little with you, adding my spicy (who saying hot? ;))) ) comments here and
there :)) . I see you've been busy while I was away! ;)))

Christophe Grandsire.

You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.