Stone Gordonssen wrote:

> You probably have, though I most often hear ["Aziz] and see it written
> "Ozzies" on the west coast of the USA. I personally pronounce it
> ["Asiz] and
> write  it _Aussies_.

That's also horribly wrong, and verges on the inadvertently offensive.
We realise that it's not Americans fault they have a speech impediment,
so we'll probably ignore it, but we are not 'arsey'. The <ss> is as
voiced as the <ss> in Tassie, Brissie, or possy, the <zz> in mozzie or
the <v> in arvo. Clearly the double letter represents a preceding short
stressed vowel, rather than the pronunciation of the consonant.
(Tasmania; Brisbane; place to sit, though it needn't be a seat, a place
on a log/the ground is perfectly fine < position; mosquito; afternoon.)
But, metho /meT8u/, methylated spirits.

Say 'Aussie' to rhyme with 'mozzie'[1], and she'll be right, mate.

[1]: The pronunciation of 'mozzie' should be obvious to any English speaker.

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