Does anyone happen to have any sources of vocabulary related to... ummm...
the more commercialized aspects of daily life?  If, for example, one wanted
to write a guide to Disneyland in a conlang, is there a useful list of words
that you'd need?  I've been culling ideas from cheap tourist language books,
but I feel like I'm going to be missing a lot of practical words.  And of
course, when you actually walk around Disneyland asking employees what kinds
of questions Guests ask them, none of them can come up with anything beyond
"where's the bathroom" and "how much does this cost" (with a little bit of
"what time is the fireworks/parade/etc." thrown in on the side)...  I've
been trying to think of what else people ask me, but it's hard.  Darn it, my
conculture has shopping malls, too.

(I've got the following, beyond those sorts of phrases, so far:

Where can I buy ...?
What would you like?
Show me ...
Do you have any ...?
I don't like this
I'll take it
Could you wrap it, please?
I'm just looking
Can I try it on?
These shoes are tight
This is not my size
Do you have a larger size?
Do you have a smaller size?
I'd like another color
I'd like to return the purchase and get a refund
Can I listen this cassette (this disk)?
Where's the cashdesk/register?
How much is this?
Please, write it down
That's too expensive
Haven't you anything cheaper?)

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen
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"The very young do not always do as they're told." --
'Anteaus', Stargate SG-1

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