I finally finished up weekly vocab 6... only to have 7 come the next day
:~) anywho, here is part three of vocab 6 in Minyeva.


> 7. sheep
jlome = sheep

vye  fle jupa  i   jlome o  lao a  zigeqa
they HAB steal PAT sheep of us  at nighttime
> They raid our sheep in the night.


> 8. poverty
babi = to be poor

gre  twi vye         babi i  lao
soon FUT they [make] poor PAT us
> They shall soon reduce us to poverty.


> 9. vengeance
klavi = to revenge, take vengeance

ceba    vla  klavi   lao.
however PROG revenge we.
> We are taking vengeance, though.


> 10. funding
place = to fund, supply, support

lao ko         suti   i   te  dojuglai u   mi moi    ploce   i   te  mwasi.
we  PFV [make] decide PAT the ruler    FOC to cancel funding PAT the army.
> We have convinced the ruler to cut funding to the army.

--> convince ends up rendered as "make decide".

potu         twi pabi i   cla  vye.
consequently FUT poor PAT also they.
> Now they, too, shall be forced to poverty.

--> i use the word 'cla' for both 'and' and 'also'.

> ~Wright

Garrett Jones