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> Talk of useful phrases and shopping has affected me. I'm getting it in
> Spanish class and on the list.

all of these sentences are VSO. all morphemes are separated in the
orthography by either a space or an apostrophe (for compounds or affixes).
Stress is on the first syllable of every morpheme (easier than saying
penultimate, but it ends up being the same thing with the words in minyeva).

> 1. real
lite = real, genuine

mye sema kri  u   spenu lite.
not be   this FOC silk  real.
> This is not real silk.

> 2. skirt
tsema = skirt

lije fula   le u   kwa  tsema.
wish try.on I  FOC that skirt.
> I'd like to try on that skirt. (No, I'm not a transvestite.)

the english words 'wish' and 'would like' are both rendered as 'lije' in

> 3. to need
mavi = need (obligation)

mavi to bavi le u   ki zwado   gi  tavi'nyo o  mi.
need find    I  FOC a  present for sister  of me.
> I need to find a present for my sister.

to bavi: literally means "change -> know about/of"

> 4. stair
teka = stair
-de = natural set of
teka'de = staircase

zike    te  kafi u   so sao teka'de    cla fo sao vote.
located the shop FOC up the staircase and at the left.
> The shop is up the stairs and on the left.

zike = be located at. the normal 'sema' (to be) can't be used here.

> 5. upper
so = up, upper

mye fle casi vye  u   loi  boi sao so bute,
not HAB sell they FOC much in  the up room,

potu    jlo      sime  sao sneva.
conseq. probable cheap the rent.

> They don't sell much in an upper room, but it must be cheap to rent.

> 6. to approve
sone = approve of, agree with
puqa = disapprove of

puqa          le u   kwa  wepa'vyeta.        li'sacli fe.
disapprove.of I  FOC that immodest it.
> I don't approve of that style of clothing. It's immodest.

wepa = garment
vyeta = style

> 7. jewelry
dusa = ornament, trinket
klajo = body
dusa'klaso = piece of jewelry

zla lije zode le u   ki  dusa'klajo.
now wish shop I  FOC GEN jewelry.
> I would like to go shopping for jewelry now.

GEN = generic.

> 8. golden
floje = gold

i have no idea what a torc is, and it isn't in my webster's dictionary. i'll
just assume the word "torch" instead.

sema kwa  u   zeja'waki vela      o  floje.
be   that FOC torch     beautiful of gold.

vao qali      fe u   byo  bema?
QU  available it FOC more large?

> That is a lovely golden torcH. Do you have it in a larger size?

zeja = fire
waki = pole
zeja'waki = torch

vao is a question word that assumes nothing about whether the answer will be
'yes' or 'no'. I have two other yes/no question words:

sla: expects yes
zwai: expects no

> 9. color
lenu = color

jise le u   sao lenu  o  ki floje.
love I  FOC the color of GEN gold.
> I love the color of gold.

> 10. expensive
nadi = expensive

mye mluti futa le u   kwa;  ju  nadi      fe.
not can   buy  I  FOC that; too expensive it.
> I can't buy that; it is far too expensive.

> ~Wright

Garrett Jones