On Wed, 14 May 2003 16:29:20 -0700 Sarah Marie Parker-Allen
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> Yes, but then it adds "u" where I don't want it, like in "color."
> What I
> need is a spellchecker for Sarah's English, where it's "color" but
> "sabre."
> And where every fourth word (Jedi, Starfleet, Klingon, Stargate,
> Scully,
> Buffy) isn't a non-existent word.

i think you can right click on a word and add it to the list of words...
i'm not using ms office now because i haven't had time to install it
since my hard drive died, but i'm sure i'll have to do that quite a
bit... i use a lot of words like 'mandalorian', 'lightsaber' (i don't
pronounce it /laitsEjbr\V/, so i don't write it that way), 'coruscant',
'corellia' (sp?), 'tatooine', 'stygium'... most of my star trek
vocabulary is already in ms word's spell checker, but a lot of star wars
stuff isn't...

> Somehow, "liter" got into my "instant corrections" file, so it gets
> corrected as soon as I type "litre."

this can be changed, just go to the autocorrect thing, find 'litre', and
delete it.

> Sarah Marie Parker-Allen

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