On Wed, 14 May 2003 16:41:16 -0700 Joe Fatula <[log in to unmask]>
> I'm working on a new language for my conworld, and I thought I'd
> share a
> little about it with the listfolk.  It's using a new structure that
> I just
> came up with, and I don't know if it's ever been done.  (I'm sure
> that
> anadewism will strike, though).  Here's a sentence in Oldvak, and a
> translation into English.
>    "Egeltas piabaya, egenelt dvalderas, nur egirelt ati."
>    "When I am at the meadow, I am not in the woods, but I may be on
> my way
> there."
> Each of the three parts separated by commas in English is in the
> same order
> and separated the same way in Oldvak.  The same verb is used in each
> of the
> three parts.  Basic word order is SVO.  "nur" is a conjunction much
> like
> "but".
> Here's another example.
>    "Egireltyeu dvalderi.  Dvalder aleltu egi."
>    "I am not stopping my going to the forest.  The forest stopped
> coming to
> me."
> Same verb being used in these two sentences as in the other
> example.
> Anyone think they know how this works?

apparently the stem of the verb is 'elt' and means something like 'to be
at'... 'eg-' and 'al-' seem to be prefixed subject pronouns or something
like that... i'm guessing 'ir' is some sort of aspect marker
so we have: piabaya, eg.en.elt nur   at.i. meadow,, but         dvalderi.  dvalder al.elt.u       egi. forest

i'm wondering about "egeltas piabaya", though... if i'm right about the
rest i'd think it should be "egelt piabayas" or something similar.

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