Jeffrey Henning wrote:

> Here are the countries for which no ideas are yet listed:
> Austria

Black Eagle?

> Chile
> Colombia

Well, Colombia is suposed to be the second country in biodiversity next to
Brazil, and the first if you count only birds...but I cannot come with one
representative animal...  Well, there is the (Andean) condor, but I had
already used it to Bolivia.  We also have capibaras ("chigüiro" in
Colombia), guinea pigs ("cuy" or "curí"), parrots ("loro", "papagayo",
"guacamaya"), cayman (crocodile) ("caimán" and "babilla"), bear (Andean
bear, "oso de anteojos"), bullfighting bull, buffalo (I mean propper
buffalo, not that American bison that people call bufalo in the US), cats,
dogs, cows (besides the bullfiting variety, there are milky cows like
Holstein, and meet cows like "cebu" and "brahma"), deer, harp eagle, frogs,
hummingbirds, tulcan birds, chickens, sparrows, birds, birds, birds, bugs,
bugs, bugs, mice, opossum, a few llamas, jaguar ("tigre"), snakes, toads,
Amazon dolphins, armadillos, horses, iguanas,... but I cannot find one
"representative" of Colombia.

Pre-Columbian cultures had important representations of snakes, frogs and
caymans... Well, lets use the Cayman for Colombia.

> Denmark


Puerto Rico: Cooquee frog.  (or however you write it in English)

-- Carlos Th