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> > puck [pVk]* n
> >  4 The European goatsucker. local, England
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> ┬┐el chupacabras?

from the same dictionary

goatsucker n Any of numerous fissirostral birds, which constitute the
family Caprimulgidae and Podargidae. The name was originally given to
the common European species Caprimulgus Europaeus (called also
nightjar), under the mistaken notion that it sucks the milk of goats.
The goatsuckers are mostly medium-sized, long-winged, nocturnal or
crepuscular birds, with a short bill but wide mouth, short legs, and
soft mottled plumage. They feed on insects, which they catch flying.
Among American species are the whippoorwill, chuck-will's-widow, and

David Barrow