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> Not in the way i use it... 'white lie' is more beneficial, like when
> you
> tell someone the food they made is good even though you can't stand
> it,
> because you don't want to embarass them.

i would consider that to be malicious, not beneficial.

  'sketching' is just
> non-malicious; my prototypical example of sketching is a student
> making
> up an untrue reason why they missed class.  They're not trying to
> hurt
> the teacher, they're just trying to get themself out of trouble.

yeah, they're not trying to hurt the teacher, but they are hurting other
students who may have a legitimate reason for missing class... i'd
consider this to be malicious also.

> 'fish
> stories' would also fall under the 'sketch' category.

nobody believes those anyway...

> -Stephen (Steg)
>  "zehu sipurah shel yalda -
>   bakhta nahar vetib`a et `olamah -
>   and while she looks so sad in photographs,
>   i absolutely love her
>   when she smiles..."
>      ~ nine days, 'absolutely (story of a girl)'
>        remade into medieval andalusian style

nice :)

Robert Wilson (aka kuvazokad, eltirno, ede...) --
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spreken u viserdya? pake biru ka pa rede?

"boys speak in rhythm
and girls just lie."
 -- anberlin - "foreign language"

narav teraz' iroti
kojes krat erarota
kuna, ysivaz' entas
naradas krat zuny narav
kuraz dityvyszi, radyji, sa rodyji
dimokrosi zosa endas
d' erensa dades kirs ins wiz

"They are not in Baghdad.  They are not in control of any airport.  I
tell you this.  It is all a lie.  They lie.  It is a hollywood movie.
You do not believe them."
  -- Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information

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