Again a bit later (that becomes regular, doesn't it?):
REVIEW #20, the week from May 04 to May 10, 2003

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Amerind Conlangs:
Still completely silent.

21 msgs.
- Languages under discussion (natlangs and conlangs): Gaulish, Brittonic
- Hot topics: Irish Ogham. Welsh (and other native) place-names -- Where do we
get names like Rhyl, Gwynedd etc.

East Asian Conlangs:
26 msgs. Bauhinese [Eamon Graham] as an "impression of East Asian languages
after a gaijin's brain has attempted to make a mental collage of them". A
similar idea: Kuman Tyly, or Kumanca [Isaac Penzev] - "a reflection of a Turkic
language through Slavic eyes". What does French Polynesians' French look like?
Bohčme magazine is online:
A fantastic database at
A nice essay in Esperanto about the languages of the Philippines [by Victor
Medrano]. Is Filipino a conlang?

42 msgs.
- Discussing a new project - Burgenian [Thomas Leigh] - a Germano-Slavic contact
language - possible sound changes in it (from MHG).
- Hot topics: Bavarian dialects - the info's going on!
Past tense and progressive forms in Yiddish and Afrikaans; Harry Potter is
available in Low German/Plattdeutsch; Present participle in Jameld [James
Campbell]; Rounded front vowels in G. natlangs

42 msgs.
- Discussing projects: Carrajena [Adam Walker] (much progress!, a nice sample of
a folk song), Wenedyk [Jan van Steenbergen] (Pater Noster, vers.2.0), Montreiano
[Barry Garcia];
- Romance triplets; Literary vs. spoken Kerno [Padraic Brown];

5 msgs. Word frequency in Slovakian.

16 msgs. On-line polls: Do you know / did you study a Uralic natlang? (closed
17th of May). Uchrony Finnish [Santeri Junttila] and other uraliconlang ideas.
Sámilang [Vaksje]. Proto-Uralic vowel system and its similarity to Proto-Turkic.
Pan-Uralic lingua franca - is it possible?

West Asian Conlangs:

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