Quoting Jan van Steenbergen <[log in to unmask]>:

>  --- Andreas Johansson skrzypszy:
> > > If you write 'Lukashenka', then it's got to be 'Alyaksand(a)r' :-)
> >
> > The latest newspaper article on the guy I read spelt it that way.
> > Hm, "Alexander Lukashenko" probably is the commonest form in Swedish
> media,
> > but one does not hear alot of things from Belarus here.
> That's the Russian form. The same happens in our media. Unfortunately,
> little
> people, even among journalists who are supposed to know better, seem to
> realize
> that Ukrainian/Belorussian is NOT the same as Russian.
> The situation for Belorussian is even worse, since that language seems
> to be in
> a position comparable to that of Irish in Ireland.

Hey, I was telling you an untruth - the commonest in Swedish media is, little
doubt, "Alexander Lukasjenko". But thanks for confirming my suspicion that -a
vs -o is Belorussian* vs Russian. I can't begin to think why you'd think that
journalists are supposed to know better - personally I'm quite happy if "ch"
in transliterated Russian does not oscillate between /tS/ and /x/ within the
same article.

* Shouldn't it be "Belarussian" to go with "Belarus"?