On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 10:25:43PM -0400, Sally Caves wrote:

> Wow!  I'm so glad!  And And has provided us with Rick's taxonomy.

I once tried to fill that in for merechi, but the task was too daunting...

> > (I can't really say it's taxonomic as it has no hierarchy).
> A thesaurus then?

I guess so!

> Loaded pretty fast in Explorer.  Of course, if you have DSL or Roadrunner,
> loading should be no problem!

You would think so... but the old Netscape product line for Unix, which
doesn't seem to get the same attention as for PCs, locks up when it has
to render a table, even if it downloaded the page in 3 seconds over the
highest-speed connections in the world.

> BTW, this looks really good.  It seems that you have yet to put a number of
> items in automatic groups, but good going!

Yes, right after I sent the last email I thought "Shoot, I forgot to mention
this was a work in progress" followed by "I really should have eaten before
posting" :)  But I did get more than half of it done last night, at the
expense of my sleep and my hands.  Very fast when all I have to do is fill
in the Category tag.

It's kind of scary to see it all laid out like that!  My adolescent
preoccupations are all laid bare.  Separation, change, the heavens, trees,
15 distinct roots for mental processes or conditions.  At the same time,
the glorious confusion of the vocabulary is pulled apart to reveal its
gaping holes.

> > (Teonaht is eerily reminiscent of my own conlanging in a few ways: the
> > early religious/magical focus and my embarrassment at some of my pompous
> > teenage words that I nevertheless can't erase, for two of them.
> Also the interest in the natural world.

Stars, moon, trees, every wildflower I could find in the back yard!  <grin>

> (By the way, which two words are
> the long pompous ones you can't get rid of?  I love my Erahenahil, which I
> wouldn't get rid of EVER... but typenema to describe "yellow-green"--and
> invented from scratch--is an embarrassment!

"Two" actually referred to the ways it was similar to your experiences with
Teonaht, but there are actually two clunky unrealistic words that I love
and wouldn't be able to get rid of even if I were purging things: cilideaty
/kIlI"de@ti/ (for "thought", a contraction of "ciliditapi eaty" or "rising
life") and brariliel /br\Ar\Ili"El/, possibly the longest and funnest-to-
pronounce word for "rain" that I've ever seen (from "buraritapi liel", or
"falling water").

> Only later did I develop
> the -ema ending which means "like"; so typen must be an object that is
> "yellow green."  Any suggestions? <G>

Fresh new shoots of growth in the spring that haven't darkened yet?

> Good going with this, Amanda!  And thanks for sharing it!