hi, i'm yasmin...
i used to post regularly, perhaps a couple years ago,
but have been lurking again the past few weeks.  Never
formally introduced myself in the first place.

29 yo "professional" freespirit, been working on my
pet project draqa since i was 10.  It's been through
quite a change over the years, but still retains even
a bit of original material.  There have been others,
but only draqa really has demanded to be nurtured...

the recent lexicon/defense of nature discussion has
been  fairly interesting for me.  It does seem to
demonstrate how difficult it is to step outside of
one's own cultural   shoes.  Art is basically Symbol
when it comes down to recognizing universal patterns
of human behaviour.  There are cultures with no
concept of "art", yet they engage most earnestly in
what Westerners would term "art".  To the doer, the
particular act may be "worship", "magic", "duty",
"custodianship", "speech", "expression", "living" ...
not neccessarily "art - ifice".

To me, language is a structured system of Symbols and
their relationships...

I wonder if the concept of the Japanese garden, etc.
is not one of nature tamed, but of nature fulfilling
itself... if truly seen from the perspective of
"humans=nature".  How many insects, animals, even
plants organize spaces in nature to make them more
amenable to whatever use is intended?  Very many
indeed... Is theirs too a defense against nature?  Or
is that a particular way of looking at a
near-universal activity of nature's denizens?

interesting, i recently made a simple vocabulary list
in html and periods of the day were at the top. draqa
has six.  The typical draqa has two sleeps in a day,
one at "cikixi - nighttime", and one at "zheoxk -

After the first sleep, one awakens to "fwiaxa -
sunrise, early morning",an often active period which
is followed then by "zkaye - morning proper" when the
tempo begins to wind back down...

After the sleep during zheoxk, one finishes things up
in "sífwia - afternoon", so that they can party well
into "hehxehn - sunset, evening"...

guess that's long enough :)


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