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> Sally Caves wrote:
> >I would be interested, too.  I've tried to use Excel, but I can't get it
> >work.  What I want the Excel columns to do is "switch."  I can
> >but I can't seem to separate column A from Column B.  Column A can be
> >alphabetized, and it carries the Column B items with it.  But how do I
> >Column B to become A and vice versa, which I can then alphabetize, and
> still
> >have all the words and meanings united?  My column B seems welded to
> >A.
> It CAN be done! Highlight your column A and put the arrow cursor right at
> the edge of it. You should be able to drag the whole column to the
> side of column B. This puts all of A in column C, but you can highlight
> both columns and move them left -- you end up with A and B switched. Now
> you can alphabetise the whole thing by what used to be column B.

And will the definitions that are in Column B be sorted properly, so that
they still adhere to Column A?  (in otherwords, it's not just the new Column
A that gets alphabetized?

And what if Column A has more than a thousand items in it?

(Thanks for the tip; I'll try it)

Sally Caves
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