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> Hi!
> Andreas Johansson <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> ..
> > ... but the actual _spelling_ is little worse than today's (in some
> ways better,
> > becuase you don't get funky loans like _Pager_ ['pe:dZ6] with any
> frequency).
> Ouch!  The not-childish-or-last-century-sounding pronunciation would
> be /"pEI.dZ@R/ -> ["pEIdZ6].  Some phonems are borrowed, too. :-)

Hm, my German German teacher used it. Of course, he's lived in Sweden since
last century ...

Not that the adult-or-this-century pronunciation is any less funky! ['pa:g6],
I tell you!

> > every word, whereas German has a not negible fraction of words with
> ambiguous
> > spellings.
> Yes.  Vowel length is the worst of all.  And some loans cannot be
> written with a German spelling, because there is no grapheme for the
> phonemes that are used.  E.g. 'City' (='city center') /"sIti:/.  There
> is no way to write initial /s/.

Which should be all argument you need against borrowing phonemes ...